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Cold Pressed Juice starts at Rs.60
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This is how your fresh fruits and veggie juices are prepared


Raw material inward

Fresh and  best quality of fruits and veggies are brought to manufacturing unit where they are treated by ozone disinfection technology which oxidizes all bacteria, pesticides, chemicalsand viruses.


Splash of Pure water

Fruits and veggies are further treated by splash of pure water.


Peeling and chopping

Fruits and veggies are peeled and chopped.

Cold Press healthy sip

Cold Press juice extraction

Fruits and veggies are cold pressed to give you most nutritious juice.


Bottling of juice

Your juice is filled in glass bottles.


Stacking of bottles

Bottles are stacked in crates(boxes) and dispatched to deliver straight at your door steps.

We at Healthy Sip don't keep stocks of juices & salads, they are made only after your order is placed.


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