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Team HealthySip

We are a team of budding entrepreneurs who have started a journey in cold-pressed juice, nut milk & salads.  Our journey has taken us into evolving & trying out new recipes for healthy lifestyles.
We are dedicated in making premium quality of healthy products for our clients at affordable rates with doorstep delivery.

Our Vision

To improve quality of life by delivering Authentic health products and services which you can trust

We believe that Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body but also is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Healthy Sip has aim to be present in everyone’s home who really care for their health.

Our Mission

* We harness best available health products and services to deliver to our clients
* We will be extremely service focused – fulfilling clients needs and their expectations
* Our services will be long term economic enablers to our clients
* Health will be the foundation of our business and will drive thoughts every time.

Only real Insurance everyone has against disease is their healthy body and secret to healthiness is daily workouts(workout can be at health clubs,walking,jogging,swimming,yoga aerobics etc) along with having right kind of healthy food,so let us invest wisely and generously.

Our mission is to provide our clients right kind of healthy, fresh and premium quality of juices & salads at affordable rates to their doorsteps.

We at Healthy Sip don't keep stocks of juices & salads, they are made only after your order is placed.


Pune Satara Road, Near Bharati Vidyapith College Of Engineering, Pune

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